Our Company

Pinnacle 7 is a highly specialised company in the manufacturing of custom made sportswear apparel within the Australian market. In 2011 Alicia Luo opened up her own manufacturing plant in Zhongshan, China before migrating with her family to Australia in 2012. Alicia immediately opened up an office in Melbourne with a customer service team to provide technical support in the development, manufacturing, and delivery to our wholesale customers.

Alicia’s factory in China employs over 100 staff in the manufacturing of sublimated and cut and sew sportswear apparel. By having full autonomy of the factory, it has allowed Pinnacle 7 to tailor services, and production systems for the Australian market.  These systems assist us in delivering the highest quality garments using state of the art machinery.

Benefit of Pinnacle 7

As part of our mission statement Pinnacle 7 wants to develop relationships with our wholesale partners where there is mutual benefits and shared values. Pinnacle 7 wants to develop strategically through targeted distributors around Australia that value:

  • good processes
  • excellent service
  • quality products.

Some of our many benefits include:

  • Free artwork set ups
  • Direct contact with the factory in China through English speaking staff
  • Transparent and accountable production processes with our production software
  • On going product development with fabric and patterns across a wide range of sports
  • Ability to do sublimation and cut and sew garments in the same factory
  • Excellent value for money
  • Experienced staff in both Australia and China who can address any requirements that may come up

Our experienced staff understand the many challenges in the custom design apparel market, and through this vast experience we are well positioned to address our customer’s expectations and requirements with a level of professionalism that is a leader in the market.

Our Factory

Our factory in Zhongshan China employs just over 100 staff and covers all facets of the manufacturing including:

  1. Pre-production – We have pattern making and sample room facilities that prepare all pre-production samples for approval
  2. Order management – Pinnacle 7 employs three merchandisers (account managers) that speak English and communicate directly with the customers. The merchandisers role is to assist our customers with any enquires they may have.
  3. Production – Pinnacle 7 has 5 printing machines, roll press and teams of cutters, sewers, and QA teams preparing the orders for shipment. We are looking to invest in another two new printing machines over the next 6 months.
  4. Stock control – Pinnacle 7  have a team of staff responsible for sourcing, managing fabric, and quality from our suppliers.
  5. Administration – Our administration team prepare all our orders for shipment, manage costings and prepare invoicing